Hospitals and Nursing Homes


Evacuation kits are a necessity for every hospital’s emergency preparedness plan. We must provide evacuation teams with the proper equipment and supplies to allow them to evacuate their units quickly and safely. Med Sled® will customize your Evacuation Kits to ensure kits align with your hospital’s protocols and meet your staffs specific needs. Properly equipping evacuation teams will improve the speed of the evacuation for patients, staff and guests.

Med Sled® has the evacuation equipment you need, exactly when you need it most! Your kits must be accessible, affordable and easy to maintain. Other kits are expensive and include many unnecessary items, resulting in dollars wasted. Med Sled® understands one size does not fit all.

We have learned many lessons through recent catastrophic events and have been challenged by our customers to develop customized kits that align with and support their evacuation protocols at a reasonable price. Let Med Sled® work with you to customize your Evacuation Kits. We are committed to meeting your specific needs so your evacuation teams will have the necessary equipment.

For more information on how we can help you with your Evacuation Kits contact your Regional Sales Manager.

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