Med Sled 28″ Vertical Lift Rescue PJ Sled – Olive Drab Green

The smaller Med Sled 28″ Vertical Lift Rescue PJ Sled has all of the same features as the 36″ VLR sled on a smaller platform for more tactical, special ops missions. The VLR 28″ is great for deploying in more compact, tighter environments. Comes with optional patient restraint system.


The Med Sled Vertical Lift Rescue Sled provides all the functionality of conventional CASEVAC/Tactical Evacuation Care methods. The VLR system is a less complicated but more durable system all for a better price. Allowing for extractions in more compact or tighter environments.
The beauty of the Med Sled® is that it uses the ‘roll and drag’ method, which ensures heavy lifting is not required. Anyone can use this product with a minimal amount of training and size is immaterial. The design of the Med Sled allows for anyone to transport up to 2-3 times their weight.
The VLR is built for fast loading, easy dragging, and (if needed) horizontal lifting to get over rough terrain.