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Med Sled® Training

We recognize that training is a critical component of your implementation strategy, as well as your ongoing evacuation readiness requirements. We provide three levels of training support. These include; On-Site / Hands-On Training, Computer Based Training (CBT), and Web Based Training (WBT).

On-Site Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer Program Overview

  • Target Audience: Staff and students 
  • Objective:To provide hands on training for the proper use of the Med Sled®; learn the three-step process and training support to a level that the participants are comfortable conducting training for their unit.
  • Length: Typical classes from 45 to 60 minute classes per day
  • Number of Participants Per Class: Ideal class size is 4-6 participants. This will ensure each participant receives sufficient hands on application of the three-step process.

For more information or assistance, please contact your Regional Sales Manager

Computer Based Training (CBT)

We provide two levels of Computer Based Training:

  1. Advanced Med Sled® Evacuation Training: Detailed Computer Based Training on the Med Sled that includes deployment, the three-step evacuation process and how to properly store your Med Sled®. This video is ideal for first time users and for reviewing and refreshing material for the on-site training class (Video Duration: 17 min).
  2. Med Sled® Evacuation Overview: Ideal for the annual review for those who have been previously trained on the Med Sled®. Provides a quick review of the product and the easy three-step process (Duration: 7 min).

We encourage you to load our Med Sled® Training videos onto your in-house training systems and make it’s review an annual requirement.

Just-In-Time Web Based Training and Q&A

To compliment our Hands On and Computer Based Training we offer web based live conferencing to review key processes and provide follow up question and answer sessions. Please contact your Regional Sales Manager to schedule.

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