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Med Sled® First Call Training

We recognize that training is a critical component of your evacuation implementation strategy.  We provide computer based training support. We are here to assist you.

Computer Based Training (CBT)

Med Sled® First Call Evacuation Training – Computer Based Training on the Med Sled® First Call that includes deployment, the three-step evacuation process and how to properly store your Med Sled® First Call.  This video is ideal for first time users and for reviewing and refreshing material for the on-site training class (Video Duration: 5 min)

We encourage you to load our Med Sled® First Call Training videos onto your in-house training systems and make it’s review an annual requirement.  A DVD Training video is included with your purchase.
Click on the icons below to reviewed the Med Sled® CBT training videos and support material.


For more information or assistance, please contact your Regional Sales Manager


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