Funeral Homes & Coroners

Med Sled® First Call Partnering with Funeral Homes


Med Sled® First Call helps  you and your staff with the most challenging of calls.  Difficult removals, small   hallways and doors and tight stairwells pose difficulty.  Our Med Sled First® call evacuation products enable your staff to transport the deceased both horizontally and vertically.  

Key Benefits

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Med Sled® First Call is 100% assembled and ready to use for both horizontal and vertical evacuation
  • Patented Perimeter Tether and Stairwell Braking System allows for safe and controlled descent
    • Provides stabilization and reduces limp weight
    • Provides backboard-like qualities
    • Reduces risk of back injury for your staff
  • No- Lift Device … from bed to floor and out the door without ever lifting the deceased
  • Allows staff to transport deceased  2 – 3 times their own weight
  • Decon capable
  • Cost effective
  • Med Sled® First Call is available in Standard and Bariatric Sizes

For more information on organizational preparedness, visit our parent company: Ethos Preparedness.

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