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Simple and effective device...

"A few month age we were called to a home to remove a person weighing over 500 lbs.  Removing someone of that size is extremely difficult to do both physically, and also respectfully.  My goal is always to perfomr removals both safely and with the utmost respect.  The next day I purchase the Med Sled® First Call because of its ease of use and level of dignity it provides the deceased.  This is such a simple and effective device that it was an easy decision, I recommend the Med Sled to anyone who has ever wanted a better product for their most difficult removals."


Todd Goheen

Butzin Marchant Funeral Home


...I would recommend to others in the funeral industry."

"We have used our Med Sled® on several occasions with great ease, even with some oversized medical examiner cases.    We mainly use it for heavier cases that involve stairs and with the being said it has saved both mine and my co-workers backs.  I have really liked this product and would recommend it to others in the funeral industry."


...I'd recommend to anyone who conducts removals."

"Just wanted you to know how glad we are to have your "Med Sled" ® as part of our removal tools!  We ordered a Med Sled® soon after we heard about it.  it arrived and we read the instruction material and looked at the CD program.  Then put it in our hearse to have available if and when needed.  It was about three weeks later that we had a home death of a very large person (about 375 pounds) who had died in his water bed.  We were able to use the Med Sled® and get him out of the bed and on our cot and back to the funeral home without making it look like it was a very big deal.  Without it we would have had to have several more people to help us with the removal and it would not have looked very smooth or professional.  I would recommend to anyone that makes removals.  Thanks for a very good product!"

George H Kuhler

...What a great product."

"We ordered a bariatric sled, and the day we received it, we got a house call for a 6'7" 550 lb. deceased outside of town. The deceased was on the second floor in the back of the house down a narrow and cluttered hallway.  My Sheriff and I loaded the deceased into the sled and slid the sled right off of the bed. I pulled the sled through the hall and easily maneuvered it around a corner and down the steps and out of the front door.  We placed the deceased on our cot, and loaded it into the back of our van.  This was an older house with narrow doors and halls.  A removal like that would have normally taken four or five men to help lift and carry the deceased and at least an extra half an hour.  The Med Sled® really made this removal much easier, what a great product."

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