Med Sled®

Med Sled® is the leading provider of evacuation equipment. Trusted by over 5,000 facilities nationwide including all the top 20 ranked hospitals by U.S. News and World Report. Med Sled® also offers a full line of tactical rescue products for the Military, First Responders, and Industrial worksites.

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Why Use Med Sled®?

Emergency Transportation and Evacuation Devices

In the aftermath of disasters like September 11, Superstorm Sandy, Katrina, and Joplin, there’s a heightened focus on disaster preparedness among hospitals, school districts, nursing homes, office buildings and industrial facilities nationwide. This includes revisiting emergency evacuation plans for non-ambulatory patients, students, and staff. In response to the growing need and demand for viable, cost-effective and efficient transport solutions, St. Louis-based Ethos Preparedness developed the Med Sled® to ensure no one is left behind.

The Med Sled® facilitates swift evacuation down stairwells, enabling staff to efficiently transport non-ambulatory individuals of various sizes, from infant to bariatric. Its design simplicity allows for quick deployment, ensuring faster and safer evacuations compared to alternative methods. Utilizing the ‘roll and drag’ technique, the Med Sled® eliminates the need for heavy lifting and can be operated by anyone with minimal training.  

Beyond its utility in healthcare, educational and workplace settings, Med Sled® also serves the first responders and military markets, offering vertical and horizontal rescue solutions for various critical situations. Additionally, it aids funeral homes and coroners in handling challenging removals.

Whether it’s a tactical quick drag rescue, confined space and high-angle extraction, or hazmat/decon situations, Med Sled® is a best-in-class solution for vertical and horizontal rescues.

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Customer Reviews

“…The Med Sled® was used to evacuate our most critical non-ambulatory patients. Like any hospital in the midst of an evacuation, our main concern was patient and staff safety. Our Med Sleds® were pivotal to our successful overall evacuation strategy during hurricane Sandy. It is critical to prepare your facility for the worst scenario.”
Kristin Stevens, Director of Emergency Management
NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, NY
“…The deployed Med Sleds® were used in evacuating patients through debris filled hallways, down flights of stairs and out the building to safety. The Med Sled® worked exactly as designed, allowing healthcare providers to evacuate non-ambulatory patients when time is critical.”
Charles Copple Battalion Chief
Joplin Fire Department, Joplin, MO
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