Why Use Med Sled®?

Emergency Transportation and Evacuation Devices

In the wake of disasters such as September 11, Superstorm Sandy, Katrina and Joplin; hospitals, school districts and nursing homes across the country are reviewing their disaster preparedness plans, including emergency procedures for evacuating non-ambulatory patients, students and staff.

In response to the growing need and demand for viable, cost-effective and efficient transport solutions, St. Louis-based Ethos Preparedness developed the Med Sled® to ensure no one is left behind. “When timing is critical, Med Sled® enables staff to transport non-ambulatory individuals down a stairwell in order to exit a multi-floor building. Simplicity of design lets you move quickly to secure individuals and evacuate them faster and safer than with other available methods or devices.”

The beauty of the Med Sled® is it uses the ‘roll and drag’ method, which ensures heavy lifting is not required. Anyone can use this product with a minimal amount of training. Size is immaterial; for example, a 120-pound person can effectively transport a 250-pound person with relative ease.