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Med Sled® for Military

Med Sled® specialty evacuation sleds meet the needs of military personnel worldwide. From tactical quick drag rescue to confined space, high-angle extraction and even hazmat/decon scenarios, Med Sled® has a best in-class solution.

Its versatility, durability and ease of transport in various terrains and conditions, makes the Med Sled® an essential tool for evacuating injured personnel from remote or hazardous locations swiftly and safely.

Our line of Med Sled® Specialty and Tactical Evacuation includes:

  • 36” Vertical Lift Rescue Sled with vertical and horizontal lift capability
  • 28” PJ Vertical Lift Rescue Sled (which has all the functionality of the 36” VLR, but is compact for tighter environments.)
  • 30” Tactical Rescue Sled – allows for the rapid rescue and extraction of injured in difficult or hostile situations
  • 36” DeCon/Hazmat Sled – easy movement of a non-ambulatory person through the decon shower process.

When water and above-water rescues are needed, count on:

  • Med Sled® Instant Floatation – an advanced floatation system
  • Med Sled® VLRTAG Line Kit – supporting the helicopter horizontal lift


For more information on our solutions for the Military, visit our parent company, Ethos Preparedness.

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