Med Sled® Ambulatory Patient Evacuation Kit

Med Sled® Ambulatory patient evacuation kits are designed to provide specific necessary tools for your ambulatory patients to increase the safety and speed of your evacuation.  Conveniently placed into a Cinch sak that can be worn on the patients back.


Med Sled® Evacuation Kits provide the necessary tools for evacuation ranging from staff support to patient support. The design of the kits are to help evacuating a building easier for staff and give the necessary support for patients to move across surfaces they may not be prepared for.

Med Sled® has partnered with over 3500 facilities to help prepare them for evacuation. The kits include items ranging from megaphones to belonging baggies for your patients to carry their valuables.

Additional information

Components Include

(1) Flashlight (2) Dust Mask (1) Non-skid sock (1) Mylar Blanket (1) Poncho