Steel Case Storage Unit

Med Sled Steel Wall Storage Case Unit is great for getting your sleds out of sight. The steel storage case resembles a normal fire extinguisher case. Large enough to hold one MS36 or MS28.


The Med Sled Storage Device has been designed out of steel. This storage device has the ability to be connected directly to the wall for installation. Keep your Med Sled sleds out of the way when not needed but within the reach of any trained professional.

More than 3,500 facilities have chosen and deployed over 50,000 sleds across the United States. All 3,500 facilities have used our storage devices in some form to keep and protect their device safe and stored away in a designated area.

Med Sled Sleds were developed with storage in mind. Our Standard Sled rolls up into a 10″ circumference and is easy to store in any of our storage devices. Don’t worry about Storage when it comes to evacuation.

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Up to (2) MS28 or (2) MS36 Med Sleds.


24 Lbs


12" Long X 10" Wide x 38" Tall