Disaster Tested … Disaster Proven

Med Sled® Products are DISASTER TESTED and DISASTER PROVEN.  When the worse case scenario  Med Sled® Evacuation Equipment ensures you are evacuation ready.

Joplin Missouri in May of 2011, Med sled® Evacuation Equipment was there to support the full evacuation of the hospital.  When Superstorm Sandy hit the US East coast in 2012 … Med Sled® Evacuation Equipment was there supporting the full evacuation of New York University – Langone and Bellevue Hospitals in New York City.   View their stories and many more below.

National News Reports on Super Storm Sandy and NYU -Langone Evacuation

Father Describes Med Sled® Evacuation of Wife  in labor

CNN questions “Why Generators failed …” shows Med Sleds® being used in evacuation.
Are you Prepared for the worst case?  They were.

ABC News Interviews CEO of NYU – Langone and ICU liver transplant patient who was
evacuate safely down 14 floors on a Med Sled.  Using the Med Sled as their sole evacuation device, NYU hospital staff evacuated `300 ICU patents to safety without a single death or injury!


Fox 2 News – Reports on Mercy Hospital’s 

Modern Healthcare - Mercy Hospitalr

Mercy Hospital -St. Louis, MO runs training drill following the Joplin, Missouri EF5 Tornado that destroyed their sister hospital   

Barnes Jewish Hospital – St. Louis MO Runs Evacuation Drill l