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After The Sale Support Services

At Med Sled® we take great pride in our customer support before, during and after the sale. We recognize that when you purchase Med Sled® you are purchasing much more than just a product. When you purchase from Med Sled® you are getting an Emergency Evacuation Preparedness Partner. We are committed to supporting you in every aspect of your Emergency Evacuation Preparedness Plan. We include in every sale:  

  • Evacuation Equipment Needs Assessment
  • Evacuation Time & Resource Needs Analysis
  • Follow Up / Refresher Training
  • Drill Support

Evacuation Equipment Needs Assessment

We recognize that training is a critical component of your implementation strategy,as well as your on-going evacuation readiness requirements. We provide three levels of training support including: On-Site/ Hands On Training; Computer Based Training (CBT); and Web Based Training (WBT).

Evacuation Time & Resource Needs Analysis

In addition to your initial needs assessment of your facility, we offer Time & Resources Needs Analysis.  This process involves further evaluation of your evacuation protocols and includes time motion studies.

Follow Up/ Refresher Training

After the arrival of Med Sled® to your facility, we encourage follow up and refresher training. Time, staff turnover and protocol changes need to be addressed regularly in order to prevent problems when an emergency evacuation occurs.

Drill Support

Drill Support is a key element in learning the correct way to use the Med Sled®. Please invite us to your office drills so we can oversee, participate and help in your evacuation drills. This will ensure that your key personnel and staff are trained, who in turn will train others properly on how to use the Med Sled®. Hands-on use of the product will aid in more efficient evacuations when they arise.

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