Med Sled First Call, 48″ Body Transport

Med Sled’s First Call 48″ Sled is simple and easy to deploy. 12″ wider than our standard sled for larger girth deceased over 300 lbs. Designed to allow anyone to transport an occupant up to 3 times their own weight. The First Call curves slightly up and around the deceased for added protection.


The Med Sled First Call assists you and your staff with the most challenging of removals.
The beauty of the Med Sled® is that it uses the ‘roll and drag’ method, which ensures heavy lifting is not required. Anyone can use this product with a minimal amount of training. The design of the Med Sled allows for anyone to transport up to 2-3 times their weight.
The First Call stairwell braking system will allow for removals to be lowered down steps if necessary. First Call is compact and is Ideal for tight spaces and difficult terrain.

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Key Benefits

Simple and easy to use, Comes 100% assembled and ready to go for both horizontal and vertical evacuation, Patented perimeter tether and stairwell braking system allows for safe and controlled descent, Allows staff to evacuate the injured 2 to 3 times their own weight, Provides stabilization, Provides backboard like qualities, Can hold iv bags, oxygen and other life sustaining equipment, No lift device evacuate patients, students, staff and guests without ever lifting


12 Lbs


87" long X 48" wide

Stored Dimensions:

48" tall X 10" Circumference