Med Sled® Infant Sled Insert

Med Sled® Infant Insert provides a safe and comfortable method for evacuating your most delicate patients. The insert can hold up to 3 Infants. The Insert fits inside an MS36 Med Sled® for transportation. This device eliminates the need to carry the child.

This is a component part used inside of an MS36.


Med Sled® Infant Insert is made out of (insert foam type) that fits inside of the Med Sled® 36″ with minimal to no discomfort for the youth. Along with being easy to use and maneuver through hallways, we have designed the sled and insert to be able to lower safely down stairs for evacuation of multiple floored buildings. The braking system is included on the every sled and allows for controlled descent down the stairs.

More than 3,500 facilities have chosen and deployed over 50,000 sleds across the United States. The Med Sled® device has been disaster proven with uses in Joplin after an EF5 Tornado and New York during Super Storm Sandy.

The beauty of the Med Sled® is that it uses the ‘roll and drag’ method, which ensures heavy lifting is not required. The pediatric inserts fit perfectly into the Med Sled® allowing evacuation of toddlers and infants as easy as an adult.