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Before, During and After the Sale Support Services

At Med Sled® we take great pride in our customer support before, during and after the sale. We recognize that when you purchase Med Sled® evacuation equipment you are purchasing much more than just a product, you are getting an Emergency Evacuation Preparedness Partner. We are committed to supporting you in every aspect of your Emergency Evacuation Preparedness Plan. Depending on your needs, we can provide a multitude of support serves which include:  

  • Evacuation Equipment Needs Assessment
  • Evacuation Time & Resource Needs Analysis
  • Follow Up / Refresher Training
  • Drill Support

We are the evacuation experts. We used lessons learned from Mercy Hospital in Joplin, Missouri following the EF5 tornado and NYU/Bellevue following Superstorm Sandy. Below is an excellent article on the legal risk associated with not being prepared.To read more about the legal risk of not being prepared click on the attached article “A Legal Duty to Evacuate Patients From Healthcare Facilities in Emergencies” provided by the American Bar Association.

 Evacuation Equipment Needs Assessment

The Purpose of this Assessment is to provide your Hospital with a detailed analysis of your current emergency evacuation readiness. This process is based on the fact that every hospital is unique.  National standards can be used to provide general / ballpark evacuation requirements.  However, when deciding to purchase evacuation equipment or developing your 1 to 3 year strategic plan/budget a building by building / floor by floor patient care assessment is required to appropriately assess the true needs of your hospital.  If you purchase to many, you are wasting precious funds.  If you purchase to few, you are potentially jeopardizing peoples lives.  


Evacuation Time & Resource Needs Analysis

In addition to your initial needs assessment of your facility, we offer Time & Resources Needs Analysis.  Utilizing all the data collected in the Equipment Needs Assessment we can run various simulations on the evacuation process and the time that the evacuation will take based on the resources available.  

Follow Up/ Refresher Training

After you have received your Med Sled® evacuation equipment, we encourage every customer to do a follow up and revisit our training videos. Staff turnover and protocol changes may require additional training to ensure your staff is properly prepared if /when an emergency evacuation occurs. Please note this can be accomplished via on site training, video based training as well as through drills.  We can assist you in ensuring your staff is prepared.  For more information contact your Regional Sales Manager or review our training resources available via the Training Menu.

Drill Support

Drill Support is a key element in learning the correct way to use the Med Sled®. It is critical to ensure that your drills are as realistic as possible.  Running drills only in an ideal environment does little to test and improve your staffs evacuation readiness.  Please invite us to your hospital drills so we can oversee, participate and help in your evacuation drills. If we can not be there in person, we can assist in the design and development of the drill. Hands-on use of the Med Sled® in a well planned, “real world” drill will ensure that your key personnel and staff are trained, and prepared for the worst.  

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