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How do you determine how many evacuation devices a hospital will need?

Equipment is a critical component to your emergency evacuation plans.  If you have to many, you are wasting precious funding, to few and you are putting lives at risk.  At Med Sled® we take great pride in the services and assistance we provide our customers as they work through this balance.   We understand that every hospital is unique and as such will require a unique solution.  One of the services we offer our customers is a detailed Emergency Evacuation Equipment Readiness Assessment.  We spend a great deal of time working with you to understand your needs, protocols, facilities layout and patient care.  With this data we can simulate your equipment needs, determine the proper mix of evacuation equipment and provide “What If” scenario to determine the proper balance of resources and time needed to effectively and efficiently evacuate your facilities.

If you would like more information on this service please go to our Support Services Section or contact your Regional Sales Manager.

How many people does it take to operate a Med Sled®?

One, however,  most protocols call for a two person team approach when handling ambulatory patients. Emergency evacuation is no effort. This is the safest for both the staff conducting the evacuation as well as the people requiring evacuation assistance.  If a two person team is not an option and the evacuees safety is at risk, Med Sled® Evacuation Products can be used safely by one person.

Where do I store my Med Sled’s®?

Each Med Sled® comes in it’s own individual storage bag with shoulder strap for quick and easy mobilization.  We offer several wall mount storage devices and steel cabinets.  These are available for storing quantities of Med Sleds® in close proximity to where they would be needed dispersed throughout the facilities. Our assessments can identify storage areas. 

Who else is using Med Sled® products?

Our Customers:

  • Over 3,500 Hospitals have chosen Med Sled® as their preferred evacuation device
  • Med Sled® Adult Evacuation Equipment is the preferred evacuation device in 18 of the top 20 “Honor Roll” Hospitals ranked U.S. News & World Report 2013 Edition
  • Med Sled® Pediatric Solution is in 11 of the top 12 “Honor Roll” Children’s Hospitals ranked by U.S. News & World Report
  • Sold over 50,000 Med Sleds® in the USA alone

Customer Base Includes:

  • Healthcare – Hospitals, Long Term Care, Nursing Homes, Rehab Centers, Clinics
  • Schools & Universities
  • First Responders (Police, Fire, EMS)
  • Industrial / Manufacturing / Mining
  • US Military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coastguard)

Do you offer training?

Yes, we recognize that training is a critical component of your implementation strategy, as well as your ongoing evacuation readiness requirements. We offer three levels of training support. These include:

  1. Computer Based Training (CBT) Included with your order of Med Sleds®
  2. On-Site / Hands On Train-the-Trainer training (TTT) also know as Super User Training
  3. Web Based Training (WBT) Video Consultation and Q & A

For more information please contact your Regional Sales Manager and see our Training & Support Service Section. 


How many Med Sled® Evacuation devices and what type should we have?

No one answer fits all. We will complete our Facility Evacuation Equipment Assessment Plan in detail with you.  This will give you the best course of actions for your evaluation needs.

Is there any assembly required with Med Sled®?

No, Med Sled® Evacuation Devices does not require assembly.  Our Med Sled® product line is 100% assembled and each sled has it’s own storage bag. The Med Sled® can be deployed and ready to load patients in less than 10 seconds.

Is Med Sled® easy to use?

Yes, very simple to use.  We believe our products meet the needs of our customers in their worst case scenario.  Whether chaos is due to an  emergency evacuation, loss of electricity, elevators not operating or not having outside assistance, Med Sled® is there – simple and easy to use.  When timing is critical due to a gas leak, fire or structural damage – Med Sled® is there.

Med Sled® evacuation products have been proven in true emergencies – not just drills.  Some recent events include:  EF5 Tornado at Mercy Hospital in Joplin, MO, during Hurricane Sandy in the evacuation of NYU Langone Medical Center and New York General Hospital.  Med Sled® Evacuation Devices are Disaster Tested and Disaster Proven


How much weight can a Med Sled® hold?

Our Med Sled® Evacuation Sleds (Youth-MS28, Standard-MS36, and the Bariatric-MS48) are all manufactured in the USA and made to a high quality standard.  Our Patented Parameter Braking Tether secures the entire sled providing additional safety and strength that you will not find in any other evacuation sled.  Each of our evacuation sleds are rated to hold a 1,000 lbs.

Are all Med Sled® products decon-capable?

Yes.  The Med Sled® Evacuation Sleds are made out of high density polyethylene (HDPE) which has many beneficial  characteristics.  These include:

  1. Decon capable
  2. Slick surface:  Eases the amount of effort it takes to move a patient on to the sled (using the Roll & Pull method)  It also reduces the effort needed to slide an evacuee down the hall over and through debris filled hallways and stairwells.
  3. Durability:  HDPE plastic is very durable and protects the patient from debris on the floor.
  4. Memory management:  The Med Sled® maintains it’s shape.  When rolled up the sled will stay in roll form.  When unrolled, the Med Sled® will maintain it’s cocoon shape.  It will take on backboard like qualities that aid in protecting the patient while in the sled.

What if oxygen needs to be taken out with the patient on the Med Sled?

Oxygen tanks can be placed between the patients legs and on a blanket or pillow with the valve facing up toward the head end of the Med Sled®.  These can be secured under the cross strap along with the patient.

Why can’t I use a Bariatric Med Sled® for everyone?

If you have to move a standard size person and all you have available is a bariatric sled it can be used.  It is not optimal, but if the person’s safety is at risk, it will work.  In this situation we suggest that you add pillows and sheets on the sides of the person to provide a more snug fit in order to minimize the patient’s movement.

There are times when the Bariatric Med Sled® is preferred over the Standard Med Sled® even if the patient is not baraitric.  It is ideal for use when the patient needs to be moved with life support equipment.  (IE: ICU Patient) A bariatric sled provides more room for equipment and supplies.

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